If a family is already an established member of our Sunday worshipping community, baptisms are arranged directly through our Co-ordinator Margaret Donaghy, with one of the clergy.

Otherwise, once you have filled in the Application Form, please bring it to the Preparation Session you will be attending. Families need to attend a preparation session with Margaret or another of our catechists in the hall (right hand side of church as you look at it, at the end of the path) prior to baptism. They are at 7.15pm.

Preparation Sessions are held on the 1st Thursday of:

February   May   September   December

Families will need to get all necessary details, including that of Godparents and supporting documents to Margaret.  If a family has completed all the necessary details, and has been attending Mass every Sunday as asked, they will be informed about the date of the celebration of Baptism.  Please do not book receptions, etc, until you have this confirmation.

The stipend for a Baptism is £40.00.

If a family doesn’t normally attend Mass, they will be expected to do so for at least 3 months prior to the celebration of baptism.  In the interests of justice and fairness families are expected to ‘sign in’ to Mass on the sheet near the entrance to the Sacristy.

Please note that, during the celebration of Baptism, we expect respect for God and His house.  Therefore, there must be no chewing of gum and guests must dress and behave respectfullyWe reserve the right to postpone the Baptism if we feel that this respect is not being shown.

Our application form and guidance/information on the choice of Godparents and documentation required can be downloaded here: